Steel door technologies

What makes our steel doors so good? They have exactly what a house entrance door should provide. They guarantee security, provide excellent heat insulation (even in basic technology) and can be adapted to the size (down to 1 cm!) of the opening in the wall.

If you dream of a steel entrance door with a natural and warm character, choose our doors in various colours and manufacturing technologies. They are made of steel sheeting that is properly cut, curved and filled with high-quality polyurethane foam, which provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The sheet metal coating is covered with a veneer, which gives them an elegant appearance that mimics the texture of wood and protects them from corrosion.

We currently manufacture doors in four technologies, differing in thermal performance and equipment as standard.

Thermo Hot 88

This is a door that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, providing them with comfort and security. Thermo Hot 88 doors are characterised by excellent thermal insulation parameters – Ud=0.60 (for doors without glazing).

They also have an anti-burglary class RC2 as standard, which guarantees protection against unwanted visitors. The i doors are available in a variety of designs and colours, making them a perfect match for any style of building. In addition, they can be combined with other elements such as fanlights to create individual solutions.

Thermo Hot 78

The highly advanced Thermo Hot 78 technology is the solution to the problem of escaping heat. The design of the door, together with the warm aluminium frame, allows a Ud=0.63 (for models without glazing).This makes the energy loss extremely low.

The doors are equipped as standard with burglar-proof solutions in standard RC2 and a fourth bottom rebate sealing the structure from the threshold. In addition, the door has a slat lock and four security bolts as standard.

Thermo 78

Technology based on a 78 mm thick leaf completed with a steel frame as standard. Doors in this technology are a choice of energy-efficient doors with the Ud=0.64 coefficient.

Home security is ensured by a wide range of standard equipment: durable three-pin hinges and a slat lock with force regulation, as well as four anti-balance bolts.

Thermo 64

The basic technology for Erkado steel door production. Doors without glazing achieve the excellent Ud=0.77 coefficient in this price class.

In the basic variant, the door is equipped with a strip lock, 4 security bolts, a warm aluminium threshold and a fourth rebate on the threshold side.