We open the doors to the needs of our Clients since 1976

Welcome to the modern side of the tradition!

With real pride we present our family owned Company together with the values that outmark the Erkado brand, Polish door manufacturer.
Get into details, explore our history and find out why our offer opens the doors to Your benefit, security and saving. You will discover new systems and solutions to door joinery.

POLISH DOOR MANUFACTURER   we know so much about…doors.

As Polish manufacturer we offer interior and exterior doors as well as wide range of door accessories.
We guarantee attractive design and reasonable prices, unstoppably taking care of high quality of our products.
The complementation of these advantages is outstanding sale service and friendly atmosphere in a truly partnership cooperation spirit.

FAMILY-> LOCAL->GLOBAL-> Know-how of three generations

We have built ERKADO brand on basis of three-generation experience, modern technologies and exceptional atmosphere that has been deeply rooted in the family-oriented character of the Company. Thanks to the synergy of our assets we have been among the biggest market leaders and our products are delivered to demanding groups of Customers in Poland and 15 countries around the globe.


  • Offer tailored to individual needs
  • Hi-end products at reasonable prices
  • Marketing support for our partners
  • Being responsible and being stable financially
  • Passion in pure form

40 years of experience

We stand out by the experience of three generations


Trust of our Partners is our greatest asset


We grow our relations – naturally and professionally

Family passion

We make tradition and cutting edge technologies come together


Get to know us better

Without doubt, the greatest asset of our family company is 420 Employees that make up for well experienced team in which a true partnership is a core. Each of us has an individual development path and take an important post in the Erkado internal structures.

Joint respect, friendly atmosphere and unstoppable mastery of the competences make us authentic and distinguished among other production companies. We are guided by reliability, honesty, transparency and acting for joint concept – production of doors. Thanks to such attitude we have been among the leaders in the branch.


OWNER OF THE COMPANY (born in 1956)

All His life engaged in carpentry craft, currently He is writing down another page in the history of family tradition. Undoubtedly Zbigniew is an unsurpassed Authority and Leader as far as practical command of doors and carpentry is concerned. A man of passion! He boldly develops the company, supervising personally on-going investments. Being a person of charismatic character, He is always surrounded by friendly people, employees and business partners, locally and globally. Zbigniew is always open-minded, friendly and emotional, He identifies the wealth of the company with respect to an Employee and Their needs. As He is used to say: ‘Door production is my life-time mission not a business’. It is true.


MANAGING DIRECTOR  (born in 1980)

Mateusz continues to make His Father’s vision come true, with great success. He is expanding dynamically and consequently the potential of the Company. He is the advocate of innovative solutions that He creates Himself in order to master the door offer. Mateusz actively supports mastering the production processes and implementing modern methods and organisational work systems. Inspired by the passion, He often travels, discusses, explores and discovers at equally collecting priceless know how of the branch. When it comes to the company strategy He escapes the stagnation believing strongly that ‘every target can be reached’. Being demanding from others He demands the most from Himself.



SALES DIRECTOR  (born in 1977)

Joined Erkado Team in 2010, perfectly mingling with the new Erkado development strategy. From the very beginning, He has built consequently the architecture of Sales Department, supporting the activity of Distributors and Authorised Point of Sales (APS). Andrew’s professionalism, know how and experience have helped to build long lasting relations with the Buyers. His unique personality, diligence and engagement make even the hardest tasks possible. However as Andrew convinces: ‘the best is yet to come’. His well thought-over and clear-cut decisions always carry an advantage and provide good impact to cooperation. Andrew is a great Coach, Expert and Manager in one body and mind.


EXPORT DIRECTOR (born in 1976)

He is bravely running negotiations on the markets that differ linguistically and culturally. He is using His interpersonal skills and universal international know how. He is communicative in Polish, English, Russian and, as He emphasises Himself in Human Language. Out of public eye, He is professionally engaged with Rzeszow University of Technology holding the PhD title in social science in the field of politics. Radosław never ceases to surprise, He impresses with involvement and thus is enjoying a growing sympathy of every person. His professional attitude, iron discipline and cheerful character trigger the Erkado expansion and make up for a wonderfully pleasant cooperation spirit with foreign Partners. Radek’s presence in Erkado team is a great privilege.

Briefly about a long history
– open the door to the past

Oś czasu


Establishment of the first Wooden Products Production Plant in Chwałowice.

Establishment of the first Wooden Products Production Plant in Chwałowice.

Launching the production of wooden interior doors


Standardizing the production of wooden exterior doors


Establishment of the second door factory in Gościeradów

Establishment of the second door factory in Gościeradów

Expansion of the Production Plant

Expansion of the Production Plant

Jubilee of the 35th anniversary and the opening of a new production hall

Jubilee of the 35th anniversary and the opening of a new production hall

Establishment of the Cycling Team – Erkado Racing Team

Establishment of the Cycling Team – Erkado Racing Team

Rebranding of the plant for the ERKADO brand

Rebranding of the plant for the ERKADO brand

Expansion of the plant by 10,000 m / sq


New communication channel in social media – FB

New communication channel in social media – FB

Opening of the training center in Gościeradów

Opening of the training center in Gościeradów

Launching a new frame of frames: 4,000 m / sq

Launching a new frame of frames: 4,000 m / sq

New hall of panel doors

New hall of panel doors

Jubilee of the 40th anniversary of Erkado

Jubilee of the 40th anniversary of Erkado

The opening of the most modern paint shop door in Europe

The opening of the most modern paint shop door in Europe




ERKADO is the trade name of our company, which since 2010 includes retail, wholesale and export operations in the field of production and sales of internal doors, external doors and frames. The opening of new production halls (over 15,000 sq m) and the dynamic development of the brand made Zbigniew Kozłowski join the group of leaders in our industry with subsequent years. Each subsequent jubilee is an impulse and additional motivation for us to set new standards and create industry trends. As a door manufacturer , we focus on innovation, technological flexibility and take on ambitious challenges that make our customers enjoy high-quality products at a reasonable price.


The plant was established in 1976 in Chwałowice, in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. Its founder is Zbigniew Kozłowski – a carpentry master who took his first craft lessons from his father, also a carpenter. Thanks to this, the ERKADO brand, as a Polish door producer, is based on over forty years of experience and a strong family tradition.


At the beginning of its activity, the company dealt with broadly understood “joinery”, i.e. door production , windows, etc. – primarily for private customers. It taught the company a flexible approach to the needs of customers, thanks to which it was possible to meet even the most unusual orders. Over time, market trends have created a high demand for wooden doors and windows.

In the interests of the highest quality of products and customer satisfaction, the Plant implemented innovative technological solutions, and thanks to efficient management and investments, it strengthened its position on the market. With time, the company gradually narrowed its business profile mainly to the production of wooden exterior doors and internal panel doors.


Thanks to subsequent investments in 2005, a second factory was established with the seat in Gościeradów. Several dedicated production lines have been launched, on which internal doors and door frames are manufactured. Modern equipment of the factory and qualified personnel allow you to execute orders above 45,000 door units a month. The new location in Gościeradów is constantly modernized, and its area is enlarged by another real estate. The last investment and priority was the construction of a new conference center. The investment has just come to an end, and our distributors are convinced of the huge advantages of this facility.


In the production of doors, we use modern machines and robots from renowned manufacturers. What’s more, our company has always focused on high competences and commitment of the entire team. We consistently make sure that each of our employees feel important and needed. At the same time, we create conditions and space for development and systematically improve the professional qualifications of the entire team. It is this model of work that makes door production a pleasure for us, and the standards we develop have a positive impact on the stability of the Erkado staff and translate into a friendly atmosphere in our company.


As a responsible door producer and one of the leaders in our industry, our company conducts a wide charity activity and happily supports many local initiatives. We are also proud to support the cycling group Erkado RT Kraśnik. We also perceive corporate social responsibility through the prism of ecology, which is why we include green standards in our development philosophy. In this way, we care about the world around us to leave it healthier and more beautiful for future generations.