VSG safety glass

It is created by permanently bonding two sheets of glass together using a special film. Thanks to the technology used, even after a strong impact, the glass does not shatter into small, sharp pieces like traditional glass, but breaks completely, remaining on the film, eliminating the risk of injury.

VSG glazing also has a fire protection function, as it exhibits considerable resistance to high temperatures, so that it retains its properties even during a fire. Anti-burglary, as the film between the panes of glass made up of several layers is extremely difficult to penetrate, and structural, as if the panes are broken, the film still holds the glass and protects the surrounding space (e.g. balustrades).

Different colour variants of VSG glass are available in ERKADO’s offer: colourless; milky – two glass panes glued together using a special milky film. Milky glass is practically completely opaque, thus ensuring privacy in interiors. VSG black laminated glass, on the other hand, is made of two identical panes of 2, 3 or 4 mm thickness, separated by a black laminating film that does not let the light through.

Tinted VSG bonded glass is also available, in two colour variants: brown and graphite. In these cases, one of the panes of glass is tinted using mass technology. They are used both for a striking appearance and for protection against excessive solar radiation.