AntiFinger coating

AntiFinger is a coating that makes it easy to keep doors clean. It prevents fingerprint marks, but also the fixation of other everyday stains such as grease.

When choosing interior doors, this is one of the most practical solutions, guaranteeing stain resistance while maintaining an elegant matt finish.

Powłoka Sedatecs

Sedatecs coating

The AntiFinger system uses Sedatecs coating, whose name comes from the Spanish word ‘Seda’, meaning silk. By combining the properties of this high-quality raw material, the film is both soft and delicate as well as tough and scratch-resistant. Sedatecs coatings not only look good, but are also extremely pleasant to the touch and ideal for everyday use. They can be implemented in many interior door models as one of the available veneer options.

Available ST CPL laminates:


light grey



Dane techniczne powłoki Antyfinger

Technical details:

commercial width: max. 2,100 mm;

degree of gloss: 3-6/60°