Anyone who decides on an Erkado door has the option of choosing the type of glazing to be used in the door. A common feature of the glazing used in Erkado doors is that it is safe for the user. There is a choice of tempered decormat or clear glass, as well as VSG bonded glass in milk or black.

Tempered glass is much more resistant than ordinary glass to mechanical damage, and if it does break, it is into many small pieces with rounded edges. The risk that such glass will injure someone is really negligible. Why does this happen? The secret lies in the manufacturing process – tempered glass is made by heating ordinary glass to a temperature of more than 600 degrees C, and then cooling it quickly. This creates compressive stresses that strengthen the sheet. VSG glazing (from German VerbundSicherheitsGlas) is strictly translated as “layered safety glass.” It is created by permanently bonding two glass sheets together using a special film. Even after a strong impact, VSG glass does not break into sharp pieces like traditional glass, but still holds together thanks to the bonding film, eliminating the risk of injury.

Szklenie na wpust

Keyway glazing

We glaze our doors using a frameless aesthetically pleasing groove glazing method, using tempered milk glass or optional clear glass and innovative VSG frosted or black fused glass.


Obverse – Reverse

As standard, we glaze our sashes “obverse”, i.e. the frosted side with possible decoration or the clear side with decoration is on the hinge side. On customer request, there is the possibility of reverse glazing – “reverse”.


Szkło hartowane decormat mleczne

Tempered decormat milk glass

The most popular glass, is decormat glass, which allows light to pass through, but blurs the room behind the door. This makes this type of glazing effectively suitable for use in most rooms. The rays of light are pleasantly diffused illuminating the space behind the door.

Toughened transparent glass

Transparent glazing is a clear glass that lets both light through and provides total visibility. This type of solution works well in rooms where light rays are at a premium and where it is not necessary to hide what is behind the

Szkło hartowane przezroczyste
Szkło klejone VSG czarne

VSG black

As a standard, 2 identical panes of 2, 3 or 4 mm thick laminated with a non-light transmission black film are used for VSG.

VSG laminated milk glass

Laminated safety glass, which is created by permanently bonding 2 glass panes together using a special milky film.

Szkło klejone VSG mleczne