Tunnel type adjustable door frame

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Product description

The frame is made of high quality MDF and depending on the technology is covered with the following finishes: GREKO, CPL, PREMIUM and WHITE TITAN UV varnish.

Each frame set includes loose frame elements and screws. Individual elements have prepared holes at the connection points.

Each set includes assembly instructions and guarantee card.

Product informations

The tunnel frame is an adjustable frame without any hardware. It consists of an upper beam and two vertical beams.

It can be used to finish door openings as an element of protection for the corners of the walls, however, it is mostly used for aesthetic purposes as a decoration of the interior of a given room.

Tunnel frame is an adjustable frame with no fittings.

Tunnel-type adjustable rebated door frames are also used in ERKADO sliding systems.

Tunnel-type non-adjacent adjustable frames are not used for sliding systems.

Minimum adjustment range is: 80 - 100 mm, further in 20 mm increments, the maximum range is 400-420 mm

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