Hidden door system

Sometimes interior doors – whether sash, hinges or frame – need to blend in with the wall. Sometimes this is required by the style and design of the room, other times by the purpose of the room, or possibly by architectural considerations.

Our concealed doors have rebated wings opening inwards or non-rebated wings opening outwards. The stiffening of the leaf is provided by a wooden frame covered with two HDF boards and filled with “honeycomb” or solid board. The finishing can be Premium décor, UV lacquer or a special veneer for painting or wallpapering, which allows the door to match the colour of the wall. As far as hardware is concerned, the system uses two concealed hinges flush with the frame and a magnetic lock with a key, patent insert, latch or locking mechanism. The leaf can be 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 cm wide. An undercut or ventilation grille can be added at the bottom. The pre-fabricated kit can be built in with plasterboard or fixed directly to the wall.

Informacje o produkcie


rebated or non-rebated doors,

wooden frame covered with two HDF boards,

stabilizing filling “honeycomb” or filling with solid board for an extra charge.


HDF board covered with PREMIUM veneer, UV lacquer or veneer intended for painting or wallpapering,

door leaf edge made in rebated or nonrebated technology.



always two concealed hinges flush with the frame,

magnetic lock in the rebate and non-rebate sashes with a key, patent insert, saving lock or locking device.

Installation film of the COVERT concealed door system.