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The Lawenda 2 variant is one of the subseries with even wing divisions into three horizontal panels. Here, the upper panel is glazed (with a choice of frosted, transparent or black glass) and the two lower panels are solid. This is an excellent choice for bathrooms, toilets and laundry rooms, among others.

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Product description

Lawenda doors stand for timeless simplicity and universal charm. The wide frame made with Stile technology is divided horizontally into symmetrical panels – two or three – with panel filling or glazing. The three-part sash has a rather traditional character, but with a modern touch in the form of wide, flat muntins with a simple cross-section. The glazing can also be classical or avant-garde, with glazing only at handle height or only in the outermost fields. The bipartite version, on the other hand, is distinguished by a doubled muntin bar with an elegant horizontal line accent. Here, the glazing can be given in two fields – or only the upper field. Both leaf designs are also available in solid versions. Lavender doors look great in wood decors. Choose between light and dark, cool and warm, delicate and distinctively patterned. For those who prefer discreet solutions, there are also single-colour finishes in white, grey, beige or black. New colours include ash, bottle green and navy blue. And all this at extremely attractive prices! 

Product informations

  • rebated or non-rebated door leaf made in the STILE panelled technology
  • MDF stiles and rails covered with the GREKO, PREMIUM, ST CPL facings or ST CPL laminate with the AntiFinger coating
  • glulam laminated stiles covered with HDF and MDF boards
  • 4 mm thick HDF panels with GREKO, CPL or PREMIUM finish
  • optional door frame extension panels and a crosshead with pilasters are available for an additional charge
  • rebated door leaves: three silver 2-pin hinges adjusted horizontally
  • three concealed hinges in a non-rebated leaf, silver (optionally black - subject to an additional charge); hinges supplied with and included in the price of the door frame
  • lever tumbler lock in a rebated door leaf and a key-locked magnetic lock (lever tumbler lock as an option) in a non-rebated door leaf, thumb turn cylinder, economy, with a silver blockade; optionally, for an additional charge, a black or gold magnetic lock
  • tempered 4 mm glass, frosted or clear as a standard and, for an additional charge, laminated VSG 221 safety glass frosted or black plain on both sides
  • possibility to change the glazing side to REVERSE (standard glazing for OBVERSE)

Door height – 2035 mm

Available widths:

  • 60 - 644 mm
  • 70 - 744 mm
  • 80 - 844 mm
  • 90 - 944 mm
  • 100 - 1044 mm

Door thickness – 40 mm

Accessories and options

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