Decorative laths are mounted on the wall as a decorative element and at the same time improve acoustics in the room. They are available in PREMIUM and ST CPL laminates, which can be put together in combinations of your choice.

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Product description

A wide range of decors allows you to match the lamellas to the overall design and style of the interior. A huge advantage of such a solution is the freedom of choice, which will help achieve the desired effect. It is also worth noting that the wall lamellas can be successfully used as an unusual, spatial wall decoration in rooms: offices, receptions, conference rooms or waiting rooms, which, thanks to their use, will gain a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Product informations

The individual elements of the decorative lath system are in a commercial length of 2750 mm, however, each product has a production length of 2800 mm and is delivered in this length, where 25 mm per side is a margin for free self-cutting before installation, as well as a reserve in case of transport damage

Wall slats can also be mounted without an adapter directly to the wall with the help of the mounting strip itself onto which we mount the decorative strip

The decorative strip (which includes the mounting strip) can only be purchased in quantities of three pieces, e.g. 3 pieces, 6 pieces, 9 pieces, etc.

Stoppers are available in all decors and are used to mask the cut of the decorative strip. The blanking plugs have a self-adhesive surface on one side


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