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Internal fire and burglar-proof entrance doors made with ERKADO proprietary technology

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Product description

Fire, smoke and acoustic functions are only ensured by fitting a complete set, which includes: a fire door leaf (factory-fitted with gaskets, lock, hinges, drop seal), doorframe, door closer and an insert and handle meeting the requirements of the Polish Standard.
Acoustic insulation of doors with drop gasket according to
PN-B-02151-03:1999 is Rw=39 dB.
The leaves are sold exclusively as a set with a wooden frame.
The door has an anti-burglary RC2 certificate for doors opening to the inside of the room.

Product informations

  • special 44 mm thick filling
  • softwood door frame
  • fire rated and smoke intumescent door gasket
  • drop down sea
  • leaf edge made in the STANDARD technology (with CPL 0.2 & 0.7 laminates, with the ABS edging in the same colour as the leaf only or with a standard black edge for an additional charge)
  • the edge faced with an edging in the same colour as the door leaf or optionally, plain black edging (transverse NATUR OAK PREMIUM, black edge with a transverse structure)
  • side and top panels glued to the wall (only for the adjustable door frame with an 8 cm square)
  • four hinges ∅ 16; 3D adjustable
  • multi-point bolt strip lock with two locks
  • door closer for an additional charge

Door height - 2035 mm

Available widths:

  • 80 - 844 mm
  • 90E - 948 mm
  • 100 - 1044 mm

Door leaf thickness - 50 mm

Accessories and options

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