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The Frezja 2 variant is a door with a shallow, strip milling, located asymmetrically at the edge of the panel - near the handle. The glazed counterpart to the model is Frezja 1, with a twin arrangement of glass.

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Product description

Frezja doors belong to a collection that was created to combine modern design with elegance and…. a touch of home cosiness. The basis of the design is a wide, expressive frame. The panel placed inside can be full or glazed – either entirely or only in a narrow strip near the handle. There is a choice of clear, milk or black glass in several variants. Importantly, models with slotted glazing are matched by solid versions with corresponding milling. The model with glass going all the way down to the floor – without a bottom bar – is particularly interesting. The Frezja door version with a mirror is of great interest. It is ideal for use in a hallway, dressing room, bedroom or bathroom. The noble, timeless simplicity of the model is combined with a wide range of finishes. The range includes numerous much-appreciated wood decors (many shades of oak, walnut, maple, ash and others) as well as smooth ones – including many variants in white, grey and black as well as dark green and navy blue. The state-of-the-art AntiFinger protective coating ensures a perfect appearance even under heavy use. 

Product informations

  • rebated or non-rebated door leaf made in the STILE panelled technology
  • MDF stiles and rails covered with the GREKO, PREMIUM, ST CPL facings or ST CPL laminate with the AntiFinger coating
  • glulam laminated stiles covered with HDF and MDF boards
  • 4 mm thick HDF panel covered with the GREKO, CPL or PREMIUM facing
  • optional door frame extension panels and a crosshead with pilasters are available for an additional charge
  • rebated door leaves: three silver 2-pin hinges adjusted horizontally
  • three concealed hinges in a non-rebated leaf, silver (optionally black - subject to an additional charge); hinges supplied with and included in the price of the door frame
  • lever tumbler lock in a rebated door leaf and a key-locked magnetic lock (lever tumbler lock as an option) in a non-rebated door leaf, thumb turn cylinder, economy, with a silver blockade; optionally, for an additional charge, a black or gold magnetic lock

Door height – 2035 mm

Available widths:

  • 60 - 644 mm
  • 70 - 744 mm
  • 80 - 844 mm
  • 90 - 944 mm
  • 100 - 1044 mm

Door thickness – 40 mm

Accessories and options

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