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The Altamura 6 variant has an almost full sash with a small, asymmetrical narrow glazing. It will prove useful in the bathroom or toilet - it will signal that someone is in the room. In the laundry room, larder or dressing room, on the other hand, it will provide a minimum of light or... a reminder that a lamp has been lit. In itself, modern glazing also has unpretentious decorative qualities.

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Product description

Altamura doors express the most contemporary, minimalist take on Scandinavian style. This inspiration is underlined by a rich range of finishes referring to a myriad of woods (oak in many shades, elm, acacia, walnut and others). Universal whites and greys are also available in a variety of variants. The model is made in rebated (standard), rebate-free and also reverse-facing versions. In this case, the rebate-free leaf faces the frame on the opposite side to the opening direction, making it easier to achieve an elegant effect, for example in a row of doors in a corridor. The panelled leaf of the Altamura door can remain plain or be enhanced with one of the many types of glazing – both traditional and modern narrow, symmetrical and asymmetrical. The optional metal panels (central – at handle level and lower, also in the variant with ventilation grille) extend the choice with new visual effects and, above all, further enhance functionality. Even with the most intensive use, they will protect the door from wear and tear for years to come. 

Product informations

  • MDF stiles and rails covered with two HDF boards in GREKO decors
  • internal timber stiles and top rail, MDF bottom rail, covered with two HDF boards in CPL and PREMIUM facing layer
  • stabilising honeycomb filling or solid board filling for an extra charge
  • top panels to widen the frame as well as a crosshead and pilasters as an option at extra cost
  • HDF board with facing layer
  • door leaf edge made in the STANDARD technology
  • CPL 0.2 & 0.7 laminates available only with the STANDARD edge with the ABS edging in the same colour as the door leaf only or, for an additional charge, with a standard black edge
  • edge (in standard or non-rebated finish) faced with an edging in the same colour as the surface or, optionally, in plain black (black edging with transverse NATUR OAK PREMIUM, a black edge with a transverse structure)
  • three pin mortise hinges in a rebated door leaf
  • three concealed hinges in the non-adjacent leaf and two hinges in the reverse leaf in silver (black for an extra charge); hinges are supplied and priced with the a door frame
  • a lever tumbler lock in the rebated door leaf and a key-locked magnetic lock (lever tumbler lock as an option) in the non-rebated and reverse door leaves, thumb turn cylinder, economy or silver with a blockade or, optionally, for an additional charge, a black or golden magnetic lock
  • tempered frosted Decormat glass as standard, clear or, charged extra, frosted VSG 221 safety glass, plain on both sides
  • possibility to change the glazing side to REVERSE (standard glazing for OBVERSE)

Door height – 2035 mm

Available widths:

  • 60 - 644 mm
  • 70 - 744 mm
  • 80 - 844 mm
  • 90 - 944 mm
  • 100 - 1044 mm

Door thickness – 40 mm

Accessories and options

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