Stile technology is a strong and solid alternative to board technology. Unlike the classical architectural solutions we offer much more durable construction of door leafs. This technology guarantees exceptionally strong construction as door elements are made of solid MDF material (rails and stiles).
Exceptional aesthetic features are obtained by invisible foil connections. Another asset of STILE technology is a great choice of designs and decors. Additionally, You can choose the decor depending on the exploitation resistance (greko, cpl, premium).
technical drawing.

Walnut greko has been the bestseller decor in Poland so far.

  • We offer 3 type of door leafs rebated / non-rebated / to sliding systems


  • Massive vertical rail 40 mm thick – solid MDF.
  • Wooden rail (wooden core), for PREMIUM decors
  • Three two-pintle regulated hinges.
  • Frameless end-jointed glazing.
  • Hardened glass (milk or transparent) or VSG (milk).
  • Great choice of design.
  • Wide range of decors: greko / cpl / premium.

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