Sliding door systems

You can choose between wall-mounted or pocket sliding door systems

Smart home is a concept we are encountering more and more often. One of its dimensions is ergonomics and maximum use of available space. The sliding doors available on the market, which you will find in the ERKADO offer, will certainly help to achieve this.

We distinguish between sliding systems on the basis of their installation method. There are wall-mounted systems, in which the guide rail is fixed to the façade, and concealed systems, in which the entire structure is concealed in the wall. Sliding doors are ideal for small rooms. The classic door leaf needs space to open. The sliding door moves smoothly along a track fitted to (or inside) the wall without taking up any extra space.

Wall-mounted sliding door systems

We have a few interesting solutions, which can be used in various spaces - choose among:

  • LOFT type
  • MAGIC type

Wall-mounted sliding door systems

A pocket sliding door system

A pocket sliding door system

The concealed system is characterised by the fact that its construction is based on a cassette. The cassette is the structure for the whole system and it is in the cassette that the door hides when open. When planning the installation of a system hidden in the wall, it is necessary to plan the hole in the wall in advance, which will allow the installation of the cassette with guide rail and covering it from both sides.

The sliding system with a single door leaf is recommended for small rooms, where we want to separate and fence off additional space. It can be used in studios with small bedrooms, but also in bedrooms with an adjoining bathroom or dressing room.


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