Interior door laminates

What types of laminates are there? What are the differences between them? How to choose the most suitable laminates?

Open up to an impressive choice of decors available in our offer. Choose a shade that fits you and your interior best . Choose a colour that will completely change your space, allowing you to feel at home.

Durable CPL laminate


CPL laminate is made of a decorative layer impregnated in resins and a bottom layer that makes it more flexible. After laminating, the outer resin layer is hardened. It provides high scratch and abrasion resistance. It is highly resistant to impact, abrasion, scratches, high temperatures and UV light.

This allows these doors to be used in “demanding interiors” (exposed to high temperatures, moisture or above-average exploitation). Approximate laminate thickness: ST CPL: 0.15 mm , CPL 0.2: 0.2 mm, and CPL 0.7: 0.7 mm. For its amazing hardness, the 0.7 CPL laminate is used only on one side of the door leaf. Door leaves covered with 0.2 CPL and 0.7 CPL have an ABS edging – a very durable PCV material.

Available laminates:

Oak CPL (0.2 and 0.7), Anthracite CPL, Ash CPL, White CPL

Grey Pine ST CPL, Wenge ST CPL, Oak ST CPL, Grey Oak ST CPL

Ornamental and durable PREMIUM laminate


Premium laminate is a product based on polypropylene, a material highly resistant to abrasion and scratches that, at the same time, preserves its aesthetic qualities. It enhances their elegant look and individual profile, and resembles natural wood. Premium laminates are especially appealing not only due to their style, but also excellent functionality that ensures the surface is highly resistant to scratches and abrasion, and flame retardant. These characteristics and features of PREMIUM products guarantee trouble free use, even in difficult conditions.

Ecological and glamorous GREKO foil


Greko laminate is also available as a pre-impregnated foil – printed and secured with a varnish with desired properties. The use of ennobling finishing layers enhances product durability and flexibility. Silicone content in the varnish makes the foil more durable Greko laminate is manufactured on a high density Japanese not resign coated base layer. This makes the foil more ecological, safe for human health and the environment during manufacturing, everyday use and disposal. It is free of formaldehyde and other dangerous substances. Greko unique design distinguishes this foil from others. It has a high quality surface with a 3D natural wood effect. Laminates highly resemble natural wood


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