Fire doors LEDA

Fire interior front doors made in HALSPAN TECHNOLOGY

Fire doors of LEDA EI 30 and EI 60 series in single or double leaf version with possible glazing limit the spread of fire and smoke, but also suppress sounds. However, in order to effectively fulfil their function they must be purchased and installed in a set with factory-made seals (including intumescent and smoke-proof), a patent lock, hinges, a dropping seal, as well as an adjustable steel or fixed spruce frame, equipped with an additional fire seal.

The door leaf is fixed to the frame on four hinges adjustable in three planes. Its filling is a special HALSPAN board with a thickness of 44 mm for the model EI 30 and 54 mm for EI 60. The total thickness of the leaf is 50 mm or 60 mm respectively. The door may be finished with any cladding or laminate. LEDA doors can be equipped with a number of additional accessories which are not included in the basic option, including a fire resistant door closer, ventilation grill or top bolt lock.

LEDA EI30 and EI60

Our technical doors stop the spread of fire and smoke in the room where the fire has occurred. This gives the householder or employee valuable time to evacuate or secure the rest of the property or installation. For domestic and industrial buildings we recommend doors of the EI30 and EI60 classes, i.e. doors withstanding fire for 30 and 60 minutes respectively. The fire, smoke and acoustic functions are ensured by fitting a complete set: a fire door leaf factory-fitted with gaskets, lock, hinges, drop seal), frame, door closer, as well as an insert and handle meeting the requirements of the Polish Standard.

The door leaves are marketed complete with a timber or steel door frame only.

LEDA EI30 and EI60
Technical data

Technical data

The sound insulation of the HALSPAN door system supplied with a dropdown gasket as per PN-B-02151-03:1999 is rated at Rw=32 dB


  • filled with a special HALSPAN board with a thickness of 44 mm for Type EI30 and 54 mm for EI60
  • overall door leaf thickness 50 mm in EI30 and 60 mm in EI60 softwood door frame
  • softwood door frame
  • fire rated and smoke intumescent door gasket
  • drop-down gasket
  • transparent fire-resistant glass; the glass width is fixed (not dependent on) the door leaf width



  • leaf edge made in the STANDARD technology (with CPL 0.2 & 0.7 laminates, laminated with the ABS edging in the same colour as the leaf only) or with a standard black edge against an additional charge
  • 8 mm or 200 mm wide brushed steel, black or OAK CPL inlays flush with the door leaf, on both leaf sides Applies to LEDA full only
  • two-sided inlays only in full leaf and on only on the active leaf in doubleleaf doors
  • the edge laminated in the same colour as the door leaf or, optionally plain black (transverse larch, black edge with a transverse structure)

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