Anti-theft doors Forteca

Burglar-proof entrance doors in the RC2 and RC3 classes. Comfort and security.

An entrance door should not only be a showpiece of a house or a flat, but it should also muffle external sounds, protect from the cold and be a difficult obstacle for burglars. They are usually of RC2 or RC3 resistance class, thanks to which they are able to "defend" themselves against an intruder equipped with simple tools for a few to even several

Forteca series doors meet all these requirements. They are fixed to a fixed, rebated frame (wooden or steel) with four adjustable 2-pin hinges. They also have four anti-burglary bolts, a hard threshold made of wood or stainless steel and a slat lock equipped with two hook bolts, an upper lock and an anti-burglary lower lock. There are four adjustable striker plates in the frame. The thickness of the sash is 46 mm. It has a frame construction of glued wood. Inside, there is a full panel, additionally reinforced with a steel sheet, which ensures sound absorption at 37 dB. The door may be equipped with a peephole and finished with Finish, Greko, Premium or CPL veneer in any colour and texture.


FORTECA anti-burglary doors opening outwards or inwards have acoustic insulation at the level of Rw=37 dB, anti-burglary class RC2 or RC3 according to PN EN 1627:2012 and mechanical durability class 5.

The door is available in GOLD and SILVER package with a possible built-in and with a steel door frame. The door is used as an internal entrance door.


  • wooden frame covered with glued HDF panels
  • filling specialised solid panel
  • reinforcement of the whole leaf with a steel plate
  • leaf thickness 46 mm


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