Wall cladding (lamellas)

Decorative panels are an attractive interior finish that is very popular. They have many advantages. In addition to aesthetic and decorative reasons, they will mute the room, improving its acoustics. Their additional advantage is the ease of fixing.

ERKADO decorative panels are available in Premium and ST CPL veneers, which can be combined with each other in selected combinations. A wide range of decors allows you to match them to the overall decor and style of the interior. The great advantage of this solution is the freedom of choice, which will help to achieve the desired effect. It is also worth emphasizing that decorative panels can be successfully used as an extraordinary, spatial wall decoration in offices, receptions, conference rooms or waiting rooms, which thanks to their use will gain a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Wall-mounted decorative panels

Wall-mounted decorative panels

Decorative panels are an interesting proposal to achieve colour consistency and the possibility of combining ERKADO panels, doors and skirting boards.

Elements of the decorative panel

The individual elements of the decorative panel system are commercially available in a length of 2750 mm, however each product has a production length of 2800 mm and is delivered in this length, where 25 mm per side is a margin for free cutting before installation and also a reserve in case of transport damage. The wall panels can also be mounted without an adaptor directly to the wall using only a mounting strip on which we mount the decorative strip.

One module consists of:
  • adapter - quantity per pack 1 pc.
  • end strip - quantity per pack 1 pc.
  • decorative strip 3 pcs. + mounting strip 3 pcs.

Link to installation instructions:

Assambly instuctions

Elements of the decorative panel
Composition of decorative panels with skirting board Oak ST CPL

Composition of decorative panels with skirting board Oak ST CPL

A skirting board is made of moisture-resistant MDF. It is available in laminate: GREKO, ST CPL, PREMIUM and in primer laminate for painting, fixed to the base with adhesives available on the market.

How to install Erkado decorative panels?

Film with installation instructions for decorative panels - variant with adapter.

How to install Erkado wall lamellas?

Video with installation instructions for wall lamellas - variant without adapter.


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