We focus on perfecting our technological solutions.

Door manufacture is an art Discover ERKADO technologies — explore the most advanced craftsmanship The manufacture of Erkado doors is based on modern technologies and effectively cures mediocrity and overused manufacturing processes. Innovative solutions, precision to the smallest details and complete control of every stage of the manufacturing process have allowed our company to become one of the leaders of this industry.

Interior doors can be made in board or stile technology. The former feature slightly lighter and cheaper leaves, due to their simple design. Stile doors are durable, solid and based on an MDF stile that guarantees high durability. The door leaf itself can have sharp or soft edges and different finishes. We use pre-impregnated Finish or Greko foil with higher resistance to abrasion, polypropylene Premium veneer that resembles natural wood, and CPL veneer impregnated in resin or water-based, hardened UV varnish.

Information to keep in mind

Doors are made of various elements such as a door leaf, door frame, door handle and accessories like ventilation door cut.


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