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A key feature of the ‘P’ entrance door is the use of innovative production technology. It consists of processing the wooden monolith and supplementing it with the necessary fittings, accessories and security features. 

Unlike panel technology [assembling the sash from pieces, panels], P technology allows the beauty of a wooden door to be maintained. It also eliminates most of the problems associated with traditional panel technologies, such as: the disintegration and shifting of door coffers, warping of wings, uneven colouring of individual door elements cracking and waviness of veneers problems with joint fillers. 

ERKADO external doors are a fully customisable product. The choice and possibilities are impressive. 

However, you can always change or extend the parameters of your new P door and customise it as you wish. In fact, you can design your entrance door with us. 

Product informations


  • maranti, oak or pine


  • gasket in a door leaf and a frame
  • anti-lift rebate on hinge side
  • external sash covering made of waterproof plywood
  • internal construction of the sash in the form of a truss with polyurethane foam filling
  • timber frame reinforced with sheet metal and "C" profile


  • Thickness 72 mm
  • two independent bolt locks
  • four hinges adjustable in three planes
  • glazing package REFLEX BRONZE
  • aluminium threshold with thermal break or wooden threshold

Accessories and options

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