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The HORN model with THERMO HOT 88 and THERMO HOT 78 technology is not available for inward opening doors.

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Product description

Exterior doors made of steel sheet, protected by PVC laminate, which is characterized by high resistance to changing weather conditions, UV radiation and mechanical damage. The texture adapted to the decorative motif creates a product with high aesthetic qualities.

You can choose from four types of construction:

THERMO HOT 88 with thermal insulation Ud=0.60 W/(m2K) and sash thickness of 88 mm
THERMO HOT 78 with thermal insulation Ud=0.63 W/(m2K) and leaf thickness of 78 mm
THERMO 78 with thermal insulation Ud=0,64 W/(m2K) and leaf thickness of 78 mm
THERMO 64 with thermal insulation Ud=0.77 W/(m2K) and leaf thickness of 64 mm

Finishing options:

PLAIN GLASS- decorative package, glass flush with the surface of the leaf occurring on the rebate side. In doors that open outwards or inwards, the glass is always flush with the surface on the outside of the house, while on the inside there is a stainless steel decorative panel painted black. 

PLAIN LACOBEL GLASS – flush panel made of black lacquered glass. 

The exception is the inward opening door made with THERMO HOT technology, where the double rebate eliminates this possibility, which automatically means that it is not possible to order the product in the following configuration: inward opening door with THERMO HOT technology. 

All models have an anti-burglary class RC2, and also meet the requirements of the “Clean Air” program

Product informations

  • door leaf filled with polyurethane foam (PUR)
  • casement sheathing made of 0.6 mm thick galvanised steel sheet coated with UV-resistant PVC laminate
  • glulam frame (pine)
  • 3-step hinge with 3D adjustment
  • thermally insulated grille, provides an aesthetically pleasing finish and guarantees high thermal insulation
  • aluminium warm threshold
  • drop seal (optional at extra cost) provides additional sealing of the door in the threshold area
  • threshold rebate (so-called fourth rebate) significantly improves the tightness of the door along the entire door leaf circumference
  • Aluminium hinge covers in black, silver or old gold (standard)
  • Aluminium or steel frame

Door leaf with four-sided rebate, with glued laminated timber frame, filled with PUR foam equipped with:

  • 3 3D adjustable hinges and covers
  • 4 security bolts
  • slat lock with 3-point locking mechanism
  • thermal insulation masking panels

Aluminium door frame, painted black and laminated in the same colour as the door leaf, equipped with a warm aluminium threshold and a fully adjustable strike strip for doors made using THERMO HOT technology.

Galvanised steel frame, galvanised and laminated in the colour of the door leaf, equipped with a warm aluminium threshold for doors made with THERMO technology.

Four-pane glazing packets with toughened ESG glass on the outside. Black spacer used as standard in glazing units.


Individual door dimensions including door frame available:

  • widths from 770 mm to 1210 mm in 10 mm increments
  • heights from 1800 mm to 2480 mm in 10 mm increments

Accessories and options

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