Leda ei60


  • Fire resistance class EI60
  • A perfect investment solution
  • It has fire, smoke and acoustic functions
Available colours
  • Bright white greko
    Bright white greko
  • White greko
    White greko
  • Sonoma greko
    Sonoma greko
  • Oak greko
    Oak greko
  • Elm greko
    Elm greko
  • Medium oak greko
    Medium oak greko
  • Golden oak greko
    Golden oak greko
  • Grey oak greko
    Grey oak greko
  • Walnut greko
    Walnut greko
  • Sanremo greko
    Sanremo greko
  • Light grey CPL
    Light grey CPL
  • White ST CPL
    White ST CPL
  • Grey pine st cpl
    Grey pine st cpl
  • Vengest st cpl
    Vengest st cpl
  • Oak st cpl
    Oak st cpl
  • Grey oak st cpl
    Grey oak st cpl
  • Anthracie CPL
    Anthracie CPL
  • White premium
    White premium
  • Oak premium
    Oak premium
  • Concrete premium
    Concrete premium
  • Graphite ash premium
    Graphite ash premium
  • Grey maple premium
    Grey maple premium
  • White bark premium
    White bark premium
  • Walnut premium
    Walnut premium
Fire, smoke and acoustic functions are ensured only when a complete set is installed, which includes: a fire door leaf (factory-fitted with gaskets, lock, hinges, drop seal), door frame, door closer, and an insert and handle meeting the requirements of the Polish Standard. Acoustic insulation of HALSPAN system doors with a dropping gasket according to PN-B-02151-03:1999 is Rw=32 dB. The leaves are sold exclusively in sets with a wooden or steel frame. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


  • filling with specialist panel HALSPAN thickness 44 mm for EI30 type
  • total wing thickness 60 mm
  • coniferous wood frame
  • fire and intumescent seal
  • drop gasket


  • door - leaf edge made in STANDARD technology (in CPL 0.2 and 0.7 laminates) covered with ABS edging only in the same color as the leaf) or for an extra charge with standard black edging
  • inserts (inlay) in colors: brushed steel, black and Oak CPL of width 8 mm or 220 mm flush with the surface of the leaf, appearing on both sides of the leaf; concerns only LEDA full
  • edge covered with edge banding in the same color as the leaf or optionally in black smooth color (in transverse larch decor black edge banding with transverse structure)
  • side and top panels glued to the wall (only in case of development with 8 cm bracket) available only after individual pricing


  • four hinges fi16 adjustable in three planes
  • lock with a patent insert
  • door closer at extra charge


  • wooden fireproof fixed frame
  • fire seal
  • adjustable striker plate
  • steel adjustable, large angle or fixed welded in RAL 9010, 8003, 8017, 7035, 7016, 1005
  • fixed door frame made of 1,5 mm thick black metal sheet powder painted in RAL color, welded in the corners, equipped with a fire seal and reinforcement for the door closer as a standard
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