Forteca rc2


  • Reinforced structure
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Available in GOLD or SILVER packages
Available colours
  • Bright white greko
    Bright white greko
  • White greko
    White greko
  • Sonoma greko
    Sonoma greko
  • Oak greko
    Oak greko
  • Elm greko
    Elm greko
  • Medium oak greko
    Medium oak greko
  • Golden oak greko
    Golden oak greko
  • Grey oak greko
    Grey oak greko
  • Walnut greko
    Walnut greko
  • Sanremo greko
    Sanremo greko
  • Light grey CPL
    Light grey CPL
  • White ST CPL
    White ST CPL
  • Grey pine st cpl
    Grey pine st cpl
  • Vengest st cpl
    Vengest st cpl
  • Oak st cpl
    Oak st cpl
  • Grey oak st cpl
    Grey oak st cpl
  • Anthracie CPL
    Anthracie CPL
  • White premium
    White premium
  • Oak premium
    Oak premium
  • Concrete premium
    Concrete premium
  • Graphite ash premium
    Graphite ash premium
  • Grey maple premium
    Grey maple premium
  • White bark premium
    White bark premium
  • Walnut premium
    Walnut premium

General information

FORTECA doors are designed for public and residential buildings as internal entrance doors (does not apply to "80N" width). FORTECA RC2 anti-burglary doors opening to the outside or to the inside have the acoustic insulation at the level of Rw=38 dB, anti-burglary class RC2 according to PN EN 1627:2012 and mechanical durability class 5.

Doors are only available in the GOLD package plus possible bodywork.


  • wooden frame covered with glued HDF boards
  • filling with specialised solid board
  • strengthening of the whole leaf with a steel plate
  • reinforcement of the whole leaf with a steel plate
  • thickness of the leaf
  • thickness of the leaf 46 mm


  • leaf edge made in STANDARD technology (in CPL 0.2 and 0.7 laminates covered with ABS edging only in leaf colour or for an extra charge with standard black edging)
  • inserts (inlay) in colours: brushed steel, black and CPL OAK with a width of 8 mm or 220 mm flush with the surface of the leaf, appearing on both sides of the leaf
  • edge edged in the same colour as the leaf or optionally in plain black (in the cross larch décor black edging with cross structure)
  • HDF board covered with FINISH, GREKO, PREMIUM, CPL laminate


  • four silver 2-pin ∅ 16 hinges with 3D adjustment (2D with steel frame)
  • four-point anti-burglary slat lock with hook as standard for two inserts;
  • 4 anti-burglary bolts
  • 4 anti-balance bolts on the hinge side;
  • possibility to use self-locking
  • possibility of using a lever arm door closer
  • .
  • 92 mm bottom latch spacing


FORTECA doors in the GOLD PACKAGE are put together with steel or wooden threshold, with a strip lock slat lock and have a hole for mounting an anti-burglary handle and top bar. They are equipped with a peephole (drilling on your own account) and certified anti-burglary handles and inserts


FORTECA doors in SILVER PACKAGE are assembled as a whole with installed steel or wooden threshold and slat lock. We recommend ordering a viewfinder and certified ferrules from ERKADO offer or from external company on your own


Height - 2035 mm


  • 60 - 644 mm
  • 70 -744 mm
  • 80 - 844 mm
  • 80N - 804 mm
  • 90 - 944 mm
  • 90N - 948 mm
  • 100 - 1044 mm

Thickness - 46 mm

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