Debecja 5


  • Frame structure
  • Stable, solid crossbar
  • Classic symmetrical glazing
Available colours
  • Bright white greko
    Bright white greko
  • White greko
    White greko
  • Sonoma greko
    Sonoma greko
  • Oak greko
    Oak greko
  • Elm greko
    Elm greko
  • Medium oak greko
    Medium oak greko
  • Grey oak greko
    Grey oak greko
  • Walnut greko
    Walnut greko
  • White premium
    White premium
  • Oak premium
    Oak premium
  • Graphite ash premium
    Graphite ash premium
  • Grey maple premium
    Grey maple premium
  • White bark premium
    White bark premium
  • Walnut premium
    Walnut premium
  • White ST CPL
    White ST CPL
  • Grey pine st cpl
    Grey pine st cpl
  • Vengest st cpl
    Vengest st cpl
  • Oak st cpl
    Oak st cpl
  • Grey oak st cpl
    Grey oak st cpl
  • rebated or non-rebated door leaf made in the STILE technology
  • MDF board vertical stiles covered with the GREKO and CPL laminate with the AntiFInger coating and vertical glulam stiles covered with thin HDF panels and the PREMIUM or CPL laminate without the Anti-Finger coating
  • 4 mm thick HDF panels with GREKO, CPL or PREMIUM laminate
  • very wide crossbar
  • rebated door leaves: three silver 2-pin hinges adjusted horizontally
  • three concealed hinges in a non-rebated leaf, silver (optionally black - subject to an additional charge); hinges supplied with and included in the price of the door frame
  • deadbolt lock in a rebated door leaf and a key-locked magnetic lock in a non-rebated door leaf, thumb turn cylinder, economy, with a silver blockade; optionally, against an additional charge, a black, magnetic lock
  • 4 mm frosted or transparent tempered glass as standard, and, against an additional charge, VSG 221 laminated safety glass, frosted, plain on both sides
  • possibility to change the glazing side to REVERSE (OBVERSE - standard glazing)
Door dimensions: Height – 2030 mm Width: 60 – 644 mm; 70 – 744 mm ; 80 – 844 mm; 90 – 944 mm; 100 – 1044 mm Door leaf thickness: 40 mm.
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