Baldur 3


  • Available in different laminates
  • Panelled construction
  • Unique design
Available colours
  • Light grey CPL
    Light grey CPL
  • White ST CPL
    White ST CPL
  • Grey pine st cpl
    Grey pine st cpl
  • Vengest st cpl
    Vengest st cpl
  • Oak st cpl
    Oak st cpl
  • Grey oak st cpl
    Grey oak st cpl
  • Anthracie CPL
    Anthracie CPL
  • White premium
    White premium
  • Oak premium
    Oak premium
  • Concrete premium
    Concrete premium
  • Graphite ash premium
    Graphite ash premium
  • Grey maple premium
    Grey maple premium
  • White bark premium
    White bark premium
  • Walnut premium
    Walnut premium


  • rebated, inverted or non-rebated door
  • internal wooden frame (sides and top, bottom MDF) covered with two HDF boards
  • stabilising filling „honeycomb”
  • full board for extra charge


  • HDF board covered with PREMIUM or CPL laminate
  • leaf edge made in the standard rebated or non-rebated technology with CPL 0.2 laminates, laminated with the ABS edging, and in the same colour as the leaf only or, for an additional charge, with a standard black edge
  • reverse door leaf only in with the STANDARD edge and with the GREKO, PREMIUM and ST CPL decors
  • the edge laminated in the same colour as the door leaf surface or, optionally, in plain black (transverse larch, black edge with a transverse structure) black, partial edge finish (two vertical and a top one) and by the glass


  • three pin mortise hinges in the rebate sash
  • three concealed hinges in the non-leaf sash or two in the reverse sash in silver (optionally in black for an extra charge); hinges are supplied and priced with the frame
  • a deadbolt lock in the rebated door leaf and a key-locked magnetic lock in the non-rebated and reverse door leaves, thumb turn cylinder, economy or silver with a blockade or, optionally, against an additional charge, a black magnetic lock


  • BALDUR 3 - 8 mm tempered frosted glass or VSG/ESG 441 safety glass, frosted or black, plain on both sides
Door dimensions: Height - 2030 mm Width: 60 - 644 mm; 70 -744 mm ; 80 - 844 mm; 90 - 944 mm; 100 - 1044 mm Leaf thickness: 40 mm
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