About the company

Since 1976 we have been opening our doors to the needs of our customers

POLISH DOORS MANUFACTURER - we know all about doors. As a Polish manufacturer we offer interior and exterior doors and a wide range of door accessories. We guarantee attractive designs and reasonable prices, constantly taking care of the high quality of our products. These benefits are complemented by excellent service and a friendly atmosphere of partnership cooperation.

FAMILY -> LOCAL -> GLOBAL: The know-how of three generations We build the Erkado brand on the experience of three generations, state-of-the-art technologies and the unique atmosphere inherent in the family character of the company. Thanks to the synergy of these assets, we are one of the market leaders, and we supply our products to demanding customers in Poland and in 15 countries around the world.

40 years of experience

We are distinguished by the experience of three generations


Our business card is the trust of our partners


We nurture relationships - professionally and naturally

Family passion

We combine tradition with modern technology

Who are we?

Undoubtedly, the greatest asset of our family company are our employees, who form an experienced team based on the principles of true partnership. Each of us has an individual career path and occupies an important place in the Erkado structure. Mutual respect, friendly atmosphere and constant improvement of our own competences make us authentic and distinguish us from other manufacturing companies. We are driven by reliability, honesty, transparency and working for the common idea of door production, thanks to which we have been leaders in our field for many years.

Who are we?

Management Board

Zbigniew Kozłowski

Zbigniew Kozłowski

Owner, Chairman of the Board

He has been involved in the carpentry industry all his life, writing another page in the history of the family tradition. Undoubtedly, he is an unrivalled authority and a leader in the practical application of knowledge about doors and broadly understood joinery. A man with a vision! He boldly develops the company, personally supervising the investments. A person with a charismatic personality, surrounded by a group of friends, colleagues and business partners, locally and globally. Always cordial and sensitive, he equates the good and success of the Company with respect for the employee and his needs. He says of himself: "Manufacturing doors is my mission in life, not a business". This is true.

Mateusz Kozłowski

Vice-President of the Management Board, Managing Director

He successfully implements his father's vision, dynamically and consistently increasing the potential of the Company. He is an advocate of innovative solutions, which he designs with a view to improving the offer. He actively supports the improvement of production processes and the implementation of modern methods and systems of work organisation. Inspired by passion, he often travels, talks, discovers and acquires invaluable knowledge of the industry. In the Company's management strategy, he avoids stagnation, believing that "every goal can be achieved". While demanding from others, he demands the most from himself.

Mateusz Kozłowski
Andrzej Szychowski

Andrzej Szychowski

Sales Director

He joined the team in 2010, perfectly fitting into Erkado's new development strategy. Since the beginning, he has been consistently building the structure of the Commercial Division, supporting the activities of Distributors and Authorised Points of Sale (APS). Andrzej's professionalism, knowledge and experience have helped build lasting relationships with Customers. His unique personality, diligence and commitment make even the most difficult tasks crown with success and, as he says, "the best is yet to come". His well-thought-out and concrete decisions always bring benefits for the widely understood cooperation. A great Coach, Expert and Manager in one person.

Radosław Bartochowski

Director of Exports

He successfully negotiates in linguistically and culturally diverse markets, using his interpersonal skills and scientific knowledge. He communicates fluently in Polish, English, Russian and, as he stresses, in human language. Privately, he holds a PhD in social sciences in the field of political science, and has been affiliated with the Rzeszów University of Technology for many years. He constantly surprises, impresses with his commitment and enjoys the sympathy of his audience. His professionalism, iron discipline and cheerful disposition translate into the expansion of Erkado and a fantastic atmosphere of cooperation with foreign partners. Having Radek in the Erkado team is a great privilege.

Radosław Bartochowski


  • Establishment of the first production plant of wooden products in Chwałowice

    Establishment of the first production plant of wooden products in Chwałowice

  • Start of production of wooden interior doors

  • Systematising the production of outdoor timber

  • Creation of a second factory in Gościeradów

    Creation of a second factory in Gościeradów

  • Extension of the manufacturing facility in Gościeradów

    Extension of the manufacturing facility in Gościeradów

  • Creation of the ERKADO brand

  • 35th Anniversary

    35th Anniversary

  • Creation of the Erkado Racing Team cycling team

    Creation of the Erkado Racing Team cycling team

  • Extension of the production facility by a further 10,000 sqm

  • Opening of the training centre in Gościeradów

    Opening of the training centre in Gościeradów

  • Construction of a new, modern office building

  • Commissioning of a new hall for the doorframe division - 4,000 sqm

    Commissioning of a new hall for the doorframe division - 4,000 sqm

  • Construction of a production hall for the panel doors division

    Construction of a production hall for the panel doors division

  • Fortieth anniversary

    Fortieth anniversary

  • Start of production of lacquered doors

    Start of production of lacquered doors

  • Construction of new central warehouse



MTP Gold Medal

Lacquered doors Turan received a gold medal

Fair Play Business 2019

Good Designs – honorable mention

Honorable mention for lacquered doors Milda

Good Designs – finalist

Honorable mention for lacquered doors Turan

Polish Company – International Champion

honorable mention – debutant on foreign markets

Fair Play Business 2018

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Fair Play Business 2016

Fair Play Business 2015


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