Entrance door is truly a distinguishing image of Your house and the Householders. What is more, it is doors that separate in a natural way everything that is outside from the hearth and home. This natural barrier should definitely be solid, safe, aesthetic and should provide blissful silence to the householders.

Anti burglary HERSE doors meet all these expectations.

Technology applied in the production of anti burglary entrance doors offers numerous configurations, from different types of door frames, design, decors hardware and safety systems.

  • Type of door: staircase entrance doors with anti burglary locks.
  • Construction made of wooden rails and MDF board covered with two HDF boards.
  • Enforcement with massive iron profile.
  • Door thickness 46 mm.
  • Dedicated filling with homalight board.
  • Three pintle hinges with 3D regulation.
  • Two triple-bolt anti burglary locks, class RC with the cylinder.
  • Three anti burglary bolts on the hinge side.
  • Two types of edge finishing: standard or PCV decor).
  • Available door frames: wood / iron / adjustable.
  • Extremely wide offer of decors: milling, aluminium profiles.
  • Wide choice of decors: greko / finish / cpl / premium.
  • Also sold in sets: set / lux set / max set.

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