Above all – safety. / Strong every minute.

Fire resistant doors take safety to another level. Erkado fire resistant doors prevent fire and smoke spread in the room where a fire broke out. Thanks to this, householders gain precious time to evacuate or to protect the remaining part of the estate or installation.

  • We recommend doors in class EI30 (holding up the fire up to 30 minutes) and EI60 (holding up the fire up to 60 minutes) to houses and industrial spaces.
  • Only fixing the complete set one may guarantee the proper fire resistant, intumescent and acoustic features of the doors. The full set includes: fire resistant door equipped by default with seals, lock, hinges, automatic seal, door frame, door closer, cylinder lock and knob all accordant to Polish Norm.

  • Type of door leaf: technical fire resistant.
  • Conifer frame.
  • Dedicated HALSPAN filling: 44 mm [EI30] / 54 mm [EI60].
  • Acoustic isolation: Rw dB, with automatic seal acc. to PN-B-02151-03:1999.
  • Thickness of door leaf 50 mm [EI30] and 60 mm [EI60].
  • Fire resistant and intumescent expanding seal.
  • Automatic seal.
  • Door leaf edge made in delicate soft radius.
  • Four hinges regulated in three planes.
  • Cylinder lock.
  • Door closer additionally charged.
  • Wide range of decors: greko / finish / cpl / premium.

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