Board technology is an architectural answer to the most common form of doors available on the market in Poland. The advantage of this technology is a relatively wide range of decors, little weight of door leaf and reasonable price among available comparable products.


  • R Board solution is the construction made of MDF (ang. Medium Density Fibreboard) or enforced wooden construction. The construction is covered by two HDF boards.
  • Board construction offers possibility to select the filling. The core of the door leaf, in standard is strong filling stabilising inset imitating the honecomb core.


ERKADO is the only Manufacturer in Poland to use dediacted HOMALIGHT board.

The alternative to MDF construction is dedicated HOMALIGHT board. It is a porous material that is characterised with great insulation features. Thank to this material, the door leaf is more stable and silences the rooms.

  • O We offer 3 type of door leafs rebated / non-rebated / to sliding systems


  • MDF rail is covered with two HDF boards.
  • Filling with honeycomb core or dedicated HOMALIGHT board.
  • Two types of edge finishing: standard / soft.
  • Two or three pintle hinges.
  • Decormat milk glass.
  • PREMIUM and LUX product lines.
  • Great choice of design.
  • Wide range of decors: lak / finish / cpl / premium.

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